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Yuji precision machine-Product

Products with high efficiency, energy saving and excellent quality are your safe choice

Rubber and plastic machinery and equipment, choose Yu precision machine, let you save time and effort

Set product research and development - Design - production - Sales - after-sales service as one of the manufacturers, to provide you with integrated solutions for rubber machinery and equipment

Three reasons for choosing Yu refining machine

  • Modern production and strong production capacity

    Multiple production lines to optimize the standardized implementation of each ring process;

    Modern office building and standard factory building, high production efficiency and low cost;

    Production base, with all kinds of machining equipment;

  • Strict quality control, strict quality inspection at all levels

    Ensure the quality of each product is qualified before delivery;

    Guarantee quality and save production cost;

    Optimize product structure and production process;

  • Perfect after-sales service

    Pre sales: free consultation, professional purchasing personnel to help understand the products needed;

    In sale: customized service to meet the demand;

    After sales: large scale warehouse, storage, logistics and transportation to ensure the supply speed;

Yuzhijing machine news

Pay attention to Yu refining machine and understand the hot trends of the industry


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